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Massage and Adjustment? YES! As a massage therapist, I have always told my clients to warm up the soft tissue prior to your adjustment. Dr. Grosman does just that and because of that, the adjustment stays in place. He truly knows his trade and now I am hooked. I won't go anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Grosman, for working on and healing my whiplash. I am eternally grateful!
Gale A.
Thanks Dr. Grosman! As someone who works on a computer for a living, I have suffered for about 4 years with constant shoulder and back pain. Over the years I tried massage, physical therapy, medications, and a couple of chiropractors, without substantial improvement. I just kind of gave up and resigned myself to a life with constant pain. Then I got a referral to Dr. G and decided to try again. Dr. G takes an approach that is very different then my previous providers and for me it has made all the difference. Most of the appointment is focused on deep-tissue work with a quick adjustment at the end of the 30 minutes. Since I have been seeing him for the past 4 months or so I have been virtually pain free. It's really improved the quality of my life. I also appreciate that he really cares and is easy to work with. Online appointments, text reminders etc. are super convenient. Thanks Dr. Grosman!
Tosha W
He's simply amazing! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Grosman - he helped me immensely and every visit is a pleasure. Scheduling is easy too and he is so reasonably priced. He helped my husband too. You won't regret seeing him.
Lucie L
Back & shoulder pain gone Dr. Grossman is always able to help when I'm out of alignment. I wouldn't go to anyone else.
Tania S
Kind, Effective & Affordable Dr Grosman is a great chiropractor! Gentle yet effective, kind, warm and he has great bedside manners. Compared to other chiropractic offices you don't feel like you're on an assembly line and he gives you 100% attention. Last but not least his fees are unbeatable, making this affordable - the way it should be really.
mario s
The Best Doctor in Town I have severe back pain today was my first time to go to the office of Dr Grossma you search the Internet and I ask myself why not and sincerely to be the first day I relieving back pain I will continue because I hido by going elsewhere but with Dr. Grossma is much difference thank you very much Dr Grossma
Gifted practitioner Dr. Grosman is an amazing chiropractor, and I have been to many. Every time I leave his office I feel much better, less pain and tension. He truly cares and takes a holistic approach, loosening the muscles with massage before adjusting so everything moves easily. My brother goes to him too, and he had never been to chiropractor before. I highly recommend him to everyone I know.
So Glad He is Back! When Dr. Grosman moved, I went to two different chiropractors, and neither came close to being as caring or as skilled as Dr. Grosman. Now that he is back, I am so happy, and so is my spine :)
Now in Westlake Village So glad he has returned to Southern CA! Have been seein ghim for over 10 years...
Sean D
the best there is I started going to Dr. Grosman, 10 years ago, he is the best there is.
Helen N
Feel so much better I have had recurring neck and shoulder pain, and Dr Grosman was recommended to me as I had never considered chiropractic treatment before. Dr Grosman explained everything, made me feel very comfortable and I left feeling so much better. I would highly recommend him.
Jessica Swanson
Life changing I have had back pain for over a decade. Pain that made me scared to move to fast, pick up my kids or even get out of bed in the morning. I kid you not, I’ve seen Dr. Grosman 6 times so far and have had little to no pain since my first visit. I am astonished. And I love him! So kind, laid-back and the massage is HEAVENLY. thank you Dr. Grosman, you’ve changed my world!
Maling Walker
He is amazing So happy to discovered Dr. Grosman is back. I just finished writing a 5 stars review about Dr. Grosman. He listen and he really cares . He is simply amazing.
The best chiropractor So happy to rediscover Dr Grosman. He just knows how to take care of my niggles. Love the automation in scheduling appointments
Maura D.
He's Back! I started going to Dr. Grosman when I was 16 years old, that was 15 years ago! His treatments always made me feel so much better, and am so happy that he has re- opened his practice! I can't wait to start getting regular treatments again.

Dr. Grosman is by far the most kind and caring doctor I have ever been to. He legitimately cares about each and every patient and takes the time to get to know you as a person, and not just as client #9 of the day. He never makes you feel rushed and is always happy to answer any questions or concerns.

If anyone is looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Grosman is the one to go to.
Adam R.
Dr. Grosman I started going to Dr. Grosman almost 10 years ago when he was in Woodland Hills. I really got a lot out of the holistic approach he took to well-being. Dr. Grosman never made me feel rushed or like just another patient, and I always felt so much better after treatment, both physically and mentally. I also learned a lot about how to better prevent injury, and  be healthier in general, (I run mountain trails 3-4 times/week and rattle my bones mountain biking). I didn't continue treatment with anyone when Dr. Grosman went to Colorado, so I'm glad that he's back, and I can definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a well-rounded approach to living a healthy life. Dr. Grosman actually knows a lot beyond the scope of chiropractic itself, and it's really helpful that he integrates it into treatment.
James W.
Great treatment and very professional! My story: I'm not sure how I got my back out of alignment, I think I lifted something heavy at work when I started a new job. I was living with the pain for a few months (trying to "man through it" and hoping it would just get better) when my girlfriend got me a "3 visit gift" to Grosman Chiropractic for X-mas. I went in and Dr. Grosman LISTENED as I explained my situation, he asked a few questions, and then we started the treatment. The treatment went very well and I felt much better afterwards. My back still had some issues, so I returned a week later for my second visit and once again I had another excellent treatment. This time my back/lower neck felt great. I still noticed a small discomfort in my neck, not really pain, but if I moved a certain way I could notice it. I expected it to get worse, so I waited and kind of forgot about it, only occasionally remembering it when I moved the wrong way. Finally after about a month and a half I returned to Dr. Grosman for my third visit. He remembered out previous visits, where my pain was and a few other things I had mentioned, which was nice and showed that he was compassionate about my situation. We had my third adjustment and that fixed my problem and now I don't notice any discomfort in my neck or back. If I have any more problems in the future I will sure to go back.
Susan L.
I can only agree what everyone else says I can only agree what everyone else says, he found every sore knot in my back and neck.  After his adjustment and massage I had unbelieveable range of motion in my neck that I didn't think was possible and my lower back was almost pain-free.  AND, YES he is reasonable and it's very easy to make appointments online.  I agree with all the other 5-star reviews.